General Overview


Opening Retreat
Objective: To foster team building among Leadership Shelby County class participants and to introduce the Leadership program concepts and processes.


Shelby County Day

Objective: Creating an awareness of the rich heritage of Shelby County and planting seeds for the future.


Education Day

Objective: To gain an accurate perspective of education in Shelby County by exposing class participants to educational resources and examining critical issues facing K-12 through higher education.


Justice System Day

Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of law enforcement, court system, community corrections and juvenile services.


Economic Development Day

Objective: To give knowledge and understanding of the various organizations that work together to promote economic and industrial development in Shelby County.


Healthcare Day

Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the healthcare arena and to heighten awareness of preventive strategies for health.


Government Day

*Tuesday due to Legislative Session

Objective: To provide an understanding of the formal and informal processes of non-judicial aspects of state government, ways in which it relates to Shelby County, and ways in which leaders can be effective in the processes.


Quality of Life Day

Objective: To provide an understanding of volunteer opportunities and services in Shelby County.



Because class size is limited and the selection process competitive, it is not unusual for a candidate to be nominated more than one year before being selected. Leadership Shelby County tuition is $795.00 per each participant, payable at the time of acceptance. Class members are required to attend all sessions