Alumni Page

The Leadership Shelby County Alumni Association fosters the goals and purposes of Leadership Shelby County by sustaining within each graduate the momentum for progress generated during the participant year, and continuing the “networking” begun as participants by informing and educating members about current issues and challenges facing the County.


Chair: Leslie Greenwood
President: Barbara Forrest
Vice President: Amy Bradley
Secretary: Tricia Corbett
Board Members
Josh Arnold
David Bobo
Bob Gardner
Terry Gray
Calvin Gunn
George Henry
Kelli Holmes
Susie Kelley
Martha Lewis
Herbert Orise
Chris Price
Joey Ritchey
Bobby Joe Seales
Diane Seales
Monique Shorts
April Stone
Jim Sumpter
Brent Todd
Neal Wagner
Kendall Williams

Each of our graduating classes has helped to make Shelby County a better place to live, work, and play.

Members of Past Classes