Below are just a few of the Alumni who share their personal opinions and experiences about Leadership Shelby County:

John W. Stewart
University of Montevallo

“Shelby County is fortunate to have a program that encourages and assists those individuals who are interested in serving as effective leaders. The success of the program, now in its 15th year, is reflected in the broad base of leaders who have engaged in the program and chosen to make a difference. The University of Montevallo is proud to play a vital role in the continuing success of the Leadership Shelby County program.

Chris Curry
Shelby County Sheriff
Class of 2001

“Leadership Shelby County is an outstanding gathering of government, business, civic, and community leaders who take a comprehensive look at our great county and what it takes to make it operate, grow, and prosper. Today’s leader must recognize the far-reaching effects their decisions have on the many aspects of life. Without the ability to understand the importance of networking among the judicial system, local and county governments, educational system, healthcare providers, social service agencies, and business contacts, an effective leader is not capable of making informed decisions. LSC provides the means necessary to develop and build upon these relationships in order to enhance the lives of the citizens of Shelby County.”

Terry Smiley
Operations Manager – Birmingham Division Alagasco
Class of 2009

“Leadership Shelby County is an outstanding career enhancer. The program gives you an opportunity to expand your leadership and team-building skills on multiple levels. Formally, the program enhances your skills through structured activities which, not only help you understand yourself as a leader, but educate you about Shelby County at the same time. Informally, simply being in the presence of other program participants, learning from their experiences and gaining insight on how they manage situations was an invaluable opportunity. I appreciate the relationships that I now have and continue to build with community and business leaders as a direct result of my participation in Leadership Shelby County.”

Randy Fuller
Superintendant, Shelby County Schools
Class of 2002

“Leadership Shelby was a wonderful experience for me. My class was very special because the first day we met was on September 11, 2001. Sharing that experience together gave us a special bond that remains with us today. The network of Leadership Shelby graduates has been truly amazing. Everyone is always there in support of each other and is focused on the common goal to build for the future of Shelby County.”